During last weeks, WINTEX project advanced fastly on some of its goals regarding the capacity building in Tunisia. At the moment, all the equipments of the Innovation Textile center of the university of Sfax are already  installed at the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts. And furtnerhome, all the training session planned are also done successfully. Specifically, the strategic orientation in terms of textile development has been the digitalization textile together with the clothing design.

It is important to underline this center  will open up a direct channel for contact between individuals (staff of the center, designers, researcher, managers and technicians from Tunisian textile companies) in order to boost cooperation and collaboration to thrive innovation in the sector.

This center is dedicated to the textile and fashion design phases, and focusing on digitalisation. Particularly, the equipment equipment acquired that will enable Tunisian textile sector to foster innovation and find matchd between the academia and the industry are:

  • Cabin of 3D body scanner
  • fabric scanner
  • 3D Simulation software
  • Sublimation Printing machine with press machine
  • Digital embroidery machine with embroidery design software
  • Automatic Knitting flat machine with knitting design software
  • 3D printer with 3D Printing/CNC Carving/Laser Engraving solutions with 3d print software
  • C02 Laser engraving cutting machine with engraving design software

 And finally, the objectives set by the Sfax University regarding the new born Innovation Center are, among others, the reduction of the design time by 3D simulation, the reduction of raw materials and products consumption to meet the sustainability principles and standards, the development students’ skills and competencies that are needed by the market, the increasement of reactiveness and more competitivity (fashion and textile designers as well as industrials) and to foster participation of students in innovation with real case studies and to actively participate in traineeships.