CEDECS-TCBL is relaying the information received by its partners of TCBL network that STAND Up! project launches a call for applications for ventures in the textile and clothing sector to develop their financial literacy skills, get knowledge on how to raise funds and get chances to meet with local and regional investors to potentially secure funding opportunities. The ‘Call for Access to Finance’ will select a minimum of 50 entrepreneurs from the 5 partner countries in Lebanon, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Tunisia. It means that each country will target at least 10 entrepreneurs.

As a supporting element for circular and sustainable business models, the 10 selected entrepreneurs per country will participate in a 10-days-long training in April that will focus on building the financial projections of the start-ups, understanding their readiness, trends and opportunities in the investment landscape. The training program, that will be held in each country, will be followed by two events organized by each country to provide investment feedback to the entrepreneurs and to receive local and regional exposure with potential investors.

For more information: https://www.enicbcmed.eu/stand-launches-call-applications-textile-and-fashion-entrepreneurs-develop-their-financial-literacy