From November 10th to 13th, WINTEX consortium held several activities and got advances according to the project in Monastir, Tunisia.

On November 10th, the WINTEX roundtables took place. During these debates, partners could discuss and reflected about the current Tunisian textile sector status as well as the stakeholders involved in it and their role within the sector. This way, with a well-defined overview, partners will be able to better focus and adapt the project to the Tunisian textile needs and get more satisfying results regarding to WINTEX objectives.

During the second journey, all partners gathered for the Transnational Project Meeting. The project coordinator, UPC, updated the rest of the consortium about financial and management aspects.

Afterwards, each partner presented and updated their work packages and its status and partners discussed about them and the next tasks to do.

Finally, Tunisian partners also organised several visits that took place on 12th and 13th November in ISET of Ksar-Hellal and ISMMM facilities, among others. During these visits, European partners could see how Tunisian high education works, where the WINTEX machines will be installed and discuss about its potential utility for the Tunisian textile sector.


                           WINTEX partnership during the TPM                                                                                 European partners during the one of the visits

Next partnership project meeting will be hold in March 2022.