Last 2 and 3 November WINTEX partners met in Athens for the 8th transnational meeting of the project. Hosted in the wonderful location “Ancient Olive Campus” of UNIWA, the meeting was a strategic step to check the current situation of the project and to plan the next activities to be undertaken.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the technical progress of the project. Then the meeting focused in-depth on the status of Innovation textiles’s centers: it was a great occasion to show the progresses realised so far and to get feedback for potential improvements. A special moment was addressed to show the WINTEX collaboration platform: a dedicated virtual collaboration space aimed to increase the collaboration between academy and industry fields where all experts and stakeholders of the sector can interact.

The first day of the meeting ended with activities about dissemination and quality plan.

The second day was dedicated to the ATIC (Academia Textile Industry Council) roadmap. Partners were involved in a collaborative session in order to define an effective working methodology with steps of brainstorming, discussion, validation and agreement. Partners agreed in defining the ATIC missions and then started brainstorming the potential activities to be implemented (in the roadmap format) to reach the missions.

The final part of the day was to dedicated to work on synergies with other projects: partners presented other projects and good practices on textiles field that can helpful for the definition of the roadmap.

The next transnational meeting will take place in Tunisia on January 2023. It will be open also to external stakeholders, with the opportunity to show outcomes and practical outputs of the project.