Last Wednesday 6th of July, Wintex consortium met for its 7th Transnational Project Meeting.

The event began with the General director of the Link Campus University, Roberto Russo, the giving a warm welcome to all the partners. Afterwards they provided a brief presentation of the University as well as an explanation of other similar and relevant projects they are involved in, such as #FACTIVEproject, another Erasmus+ initiative.

Afterwards, UPC gave a general overview of the progress of all the Deliverables. It is highlightable the progress with the deliverable objectives advances very well, accomplishing all the objectives. Furthermore, UPC gave some financial and management indications to take into account in the last period of the project.

Then University of Sfax presented advances of WP2 and together with the rest of the partners, discussed about the next steps. Among other issues, about the definition of the D2.7, the Virtual collaboration platform that will gather industry, HEIs and other stakeholders. It will be launched in October.

Next, the focus of the debates were about the WP4. Particularly, on the recommendations of the new textiles’ centres, for them to be dynamic and effective region developers, as well as the sustainable business model for these centres.

All these resources will be developed after the pilot testing and their respective reports have been made in each centre, so the possibilities they would have in the future regarding the textile industry dynamization have been studied, contrasted and are tangible.

Finally, Cre.Thi.Dev. provided the consortium with some information about the quality progress of the project and AEI Tèxtils gave some indications to endorse it with an effective exploitation and dissemination.

The next and final meeting of the project will take place at the end of January in Tunisia and will be open to external stakeholders, focusing its aim at spreading all the knowledge, connections, materials and innovation created by the consortium during the 3 years of the project duration.