On October 16th, a webinar of WINTEX project was held. The webinar gathered more than 30 people and it was successful. It was framed within the #ErasmusDays2020 to promote ongoing activities across Europe.

The event began with Mònica Ardanuy, from UPC, Coordinator of the project, presenting the overall description of the project.

WINTEX project aims to fill the gap in the area of specialized services for the textile sector, with the establishment of three Innovation Textile Centers located at the participating Higher Education Institutions in Tunisia. These Centers will play the role of focal points for the textile sector and relevant stakeholders to bloom innovations and promoting entrepreneurship.

Afterwards, Amine Haj Taieb, from University of Sfax, presented the Erasmus+ capacity Building strategy in Tunisia through Erasmus+ projects and its expected impact as well as the structure and operation of this European initiative. Also, he underlined the 43 projects executed in Tunisia from 2015 to 2019 and the relation between the project proposals and the accepted ones, among other data.

Then, Lassad Ghali, from the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Ksar Hellal-ISET, provided some information about research in the textile sector in Tunisia.

Next, Ramzi Zammali, from MCPole, presented the survey addressed to more than 30 Tunisian textile companies in order to determinate the current state of the textile sector in the country as well as its main challenges. This will be essential to determine in which direction the project capacity building has to be conducted. Then, Yosra Braham, also from MCPole, continued presenting the results of the survey and highlighted the under knowledge about the sector regarding this kind of projects.

Luminita Ciobanu, from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI), continued with the explanation about the EU Best Practices that the European partners identified and that will be used in WINTEX project for the development and launch of the three textile innovation centers in Tunisia.

Later, Helmi Khlif, from Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Ksar Hellal-ISET, presented about the objectives, the selection and the application of the equipment for the Textile Innovation Center, that will be located in this organization.

Amine Haj Taieb followed with the equipment and services planned for the  University of Sfax, where the second Textile Innovation Center will be located.

Finally, Taoufik Harizi, from University of Monastir ISMM which will host the third Innovation Textile Center facilitated by WINTEX project presented their highlights regarding needs and challenges.

The presentations of the webinar are available here.