On July 22nd, WINTEX partners met for the second project meeting, this time, via teleconference to continue with the different planned activities.

The aim of the project is to stablish a collaboration between the participating European organizations and the ones Tunisia, by creating a network, which may benefit the textile industry in the countries involved in the project.

During the meeting, the partners discussed about the progress of the project during the first semester and prioritized the different activities foreseen for the next one. The meeting also enabled the review of the pandemic impact on the different activities as well as the potential mitigation strategies.

During the first semester, the partnership implemented several preparatory activities focused towards the development of a state of the art report of the textile sector situation in Tunisia. This report will be key in facilitating discussions during the roundtables that will be held in the coming moths. Tunisian partners presented the current working draft of the document, which includes different sectoral analysis methodologies. This study will facilitate the validation of needs for the future purchase of equipment in each of the Tunisian centers.

The European partners have been working on the identification and compilation of best practices and examples of successful projects to build synergies with. Moreover, during this period, the consortium launched the project website, created the social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), prepared the communication materials and released the first newsletter of the project, available on the project website.

The next follow-up meeting between partners of the WINTEX project is scheduled in November.