Last week, from October 25th to 30th, WINTEX Tunisian partners received a training and during the second Capacity Building week, this time organised by UNIWA, in Athens.

On these days, 12 Tunisian partners from ISET of Ksar-Hellal, ISMMM, and USF were receptors of several series of workshops and lessons.

Some of the lessons and content, were about technologies for an eco-friendly textile production, digital textile printing, wireless technologies for smart textiles, environmental standards and labelling initiatives, and e-commerce.

Other relevant activities for the training such as visiting a fabrication lab and a plastics recycling center also took place.

Both participants and speakers agree on the fact it was a very profitable, participative, and collaborative event.

Next partnership activity will take place in Tunisia, in November. Once there, all partners will discuss about the general advances and progress of the project.

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